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Heating Services In San Antonio

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Even with proper insulation and sealing around your home or business, a broken or poorly functioning central heating system can leave you shivering during the colder months of the year. It is one thing to know you need a custom-tailored solution for your heating and HVAC needs and another to find a dependable contractor that will always provide high-quality work for a reasonable price.

If you need heating services in San Antonio, contacting IAQ Experts is a top priority. Our seasoned and highly trained team could provide the assistance you need throughout your heating system’s lifespan, from installation to regular maintenance to repairs and eventual replacements.

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Installing Heating Systems Correctly The First Time

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to heating systems for homes and businesses in the San Antonio area, not to mention numerous brands and models to sort through once you establish whether you need a boiler, heat pump, or gas-fired furnace. On top of that, installing a central heating system has many opportunities for small mistakes to have huge impacts on your ability to heat your property and your wallet.

The experts at IAQ can help you select the right system for your specific needs. Our team assists with every step of the process, from air duct installation and cleaning to ensuring safe and leak-free connections to water and power supplies to adding additional features like zone-specific heating and humidity control. Most importantly, we will install your system correctly the first time, saving you time, money, and stress that you might otherwise spend on unnecessarily high heating bills, frequent repairs, and premature replacement of your heating system.

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Assistance With Heating Maintenance And Repairs

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping residential and commercial systems in peak working condition for as long as possible. However, it can also be a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. Like mistakes during installation, mishaps during routine maintenance of your heating system can dramatically shorten its lifespan and cost you additional money in the long run.

IAQ Experts has years of experience providing maintenance for heating services in homes and businesses around San Antonio. Our team will check for leaks, ensure important electric, gas, and water connections are stable, and clean air filters regularly. We can also help replace broken or worn-out components, make minor repairs, and replace broken systems promptly. Ignoring issues with your heating system can lead to more expensive repairs down the line. Do not delay contacting us if you have concerns about your heating system running safely and efficiently.

Assistance With Heating Maintenance And Repairs
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Heating Services We Provide:

Maintain your heating system’s efficiency with our expert filter replacement service!

Ensure your heating system operates at its best with our heating filter cleaning service!

Enjoy improved efficiency, reliability, and comfort with our expert heating replacement service!  

Professional heating installation service ensures you stay warm and cozy all winter.

Experiencing heating problems? We’re here to assist! Our expert technicians will identify and fix any issues!

Get The Help You Need With Heating Services In San Antonio

No one wants a frigid home or office during the chilly fall and winter months, and a clean and functioning heating system is essential to avoid that outcome. Unfortunately, if you get a subpar contractor to install and maintain your system, you are much more likely to run into serious problems as the years pass that could leave you in physical and financial discomfort.

IAQ Experts can provide dependable, high-quality heating services in San Antonio for any residential or commercial property. Call today to learn more about all our services.

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Our Testimonials

Claudia Soccervita
Claudia Soccervita
Michael Eisenhauer just came out to clean my condenser, boy it was dirty! This will save me some $$ on my utilities. Thank you Michael for explaining and getting this done for me! Great service
Too Sassy
Too Sassy
A+ service. Michael Eisenhower came out to help me with my wayward A/C. I am more than pleased with the service that I received. Good help is hard to find, and when I find it I'm going to tell as many as I can. Do yourself a favor and call IAQ today! 🏅
Gregg Gill
Gregg Gill
Working with Shawn from IAQ for several years and now Michael Eisenhauer has joined the Team. If you have any questions in regard to HVAC needs, Michael’s knowledge is considerable and very professional. Thanks again going above and beyond making our HVAC units tip-top condition!
Laura Poole
Laura Poole
It can be very difficult these days to find companies for any type of service whose owners, managers, and employees are people of integrity. That is, people who tell the truth, who keep their promises, who show you respect, who don’t make you feel small or unqualified to have an opinion or ask a question, who don’t cheat you, who listen to your concerns, who are patient in explaining things, and who perform the services you request with exceptional skill and using high quality products. I was one of the lucky ones who found such a rare company, a company of integrity. Shaun Billings owns the company IAQ Experts, which is a Texas partner with the American Lung Association, and sister company Mr. Fixer. They performed services to replace my home’s old moldy and leaking air ducts with new ones, installed an amazing air purification system, and also performed mold remediation where mold had damaged some of my walls, sheetrock, and trim from an old water pipe leak. I am 100% satisfied with their work, and I am so happy that they were successful in making my home healthy with significantly improved air quality. I look forward to having other services performed in the future by IAQ Experts and Mr. Fixer. In addition to AC, Heating, and Air Duct repair and replacement, they also perform electrical services, roofing, carpentry, water mitigation, mold remediation, painting, plumbing, and more. A one-stop shop for home and business repairs and improvements. Thank you so much Shaun, Mike, Gilbert, and everybody in your crews!
Lisa Hernandez
Lisa Hernandez
Humberto came out was respectful of my home. He was quick and very nice. Big shout to Michelle for taking my phone calls to get the ball rolling on the appointment.
Jayson Berry
Jayson Berry
From the first phone call to Michelle, my experience with IAQ Experts was professional, prompt, and Michael Eisenhower arrived within our one-hour window. It was explained to me what could have happened if I had waited any longer. There is a Jon Wayne Service Agreement covering A/C, Electrical, Water Heater, and Plumbing, but they were not able to reach my address for two weeks. After calling IAQ on Wednesday, Mikey was fixing what needed to be fixed by Friday 5 p.m. Without the unnecessary charges that you receive with larger companies. Make sure you do not make a costly mistake.IAQ Experts is the name you can trust. 👍
Jerry Walker
Jerry Walker
Mike was amazing. Great conversation and the service was excellent. You guys do a super job every time.
Jimmy Lewis
Jimmy Lewis
I was very pleased with the presentation of services from Gilbert. They provided before ands after pictures showing the great improvement of cleanliness in air ductwork. They also sealed leaks in the joints of the ductwork. Michelle was courteous in answering any questions I had. I would highly recommend IAQ Experts to anyone.
Emily Ashworth
Emily Ashworth
Great people very attentive and got us cooling under a couple of hours !!