Maintaining your home’s air ducts and ventilation system is an important but often overlooked part of responsible ownership. A buildup of mold or bacteria can be a threat to your family’s health. In addition, blockages in vents can make your HVAC system work less efficiently.

Our team is ready to provide home air ventilation and air duct inspections on your schedule. We will determine the efficiency of your HVAC system, identify any blockages, and recommend a servicing package that helps bring your heating and cooling systems back to optimal levels.

Potential HVAC and Ventilation Problems

Your home’s HVAC system is one of the most complex parts of its infrastructure. Both heaters and air conditioners rely on a constant flow of air and operate in every room of your home. As a result, various complications can arise that cause these systems to operate at less-than-optimal efficiency.

Many of these problems become apparent through ventilation and air duct failures. When you notice your ducts do not push any hot or cold air, your HVAC system struggles to keep up with extreme weather conditions, or your family has been getting sick more often than usual, air duct or ventilation problems may be the culprit.

Typical examples of air duct and ventilation problems include:

  • Blockages due to foreign objects in the ducts
  • The buildup of mold or bacteria
  • Animals trapped in ducts after coming in from outside
  • Disconnected joints or holes forming in duct pathways

Our team can perform a full duct inspection to determine the cause of your problems and recommend solutions that fit your needs and budget.

A Ten-Point Plan for Complete Air Duct Inspections

Identifying the reason for inefficient HVAC operations can be a complicated process. More than one reason may be causing an HVAC system to struggle and your family to suffer health problems. As a result, we offer a ten-point air duct inspection plan to identify the reasons for failures and create effective treatment plans. These ten points are:

  1. Humidity levels
  2. Swab sample
  3. Photo of cold air returns
  4. Moisture mapping
  5. Video duct inspection
  6. Thermal image inspection
  7. Home temperature levels
  8. Air handler plenum
  9. Attic installation levels
  10. Blower wheel, housing, and assembly

Evaluating these ten points allows our technicians to effectively determine what is affecting your HVAC system and recommend a treatment plan. Our services can include a simple clearance of blockages, a tune-up of your HVAC system, repairs to damaged ducts, and even steps to remove and discourage future mold growth.

Our Team is Ready to Craft a Solution Based on Home Air Ventilation and Air Duct Inspections

HVAC problems are something every homeowner will need to deal with eventually. Fortunately, many problems do not require a full HVAC replacement. Instead, our team’s ten-point HVAC inspection process can clear problems due to duct blockage, the growth of mold, or even adjustments to your home’s humidity level.

Contact our helpful representatives today to schedule your home air ventilation and air duct inspection. Our technicians are ready to arrive on your schedule, listen to your concerns, inspect your problems, and recommend proactive solutions.

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