Commercial HVAC Cleaning
Commercial HVAC Cleaning
Giving patients ,employees and children cleaner healthier lungs. Texas partner of American Lung Association.
Indoor Air Quality
Eliminate toxins and provide allergy relief with HVAC cleaning. Reach out to discuss your air quality needs.
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in your ducts and walls?
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HVAC Services in San Antonio

Faulty Heating & AC System? Bad air quality? We specialize in HVAC systems and indoor air quality solutions. We provide HVAC services in San Antonio to keep your home comfortable and your family healthy.

We have been trusted since 1999 for reliable air duct and HVAC cleaning services that help mitigate breathing issues and provide allergy relief with clean air purification. We also install, repair, and replace HVAC units. Our team provides the full package with every new HVAC unit, along with free services and products for those eligible. Reach out to our dedicated team to discuss your heating, cooling, and air quality needs.

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Restore the Cool Air or Heating in Your Home

IAQ is a trusted, local source for air conditioning and heating services in San Antonio. We offer a full range of HVAC repair, replacement, and installation solutions. Whether you need a cleaning for condenser coils on your air conditioner system or a new furnace installed, we will quickly and professionally get the job done. Our licensed and certified technicians are service-driven professionals who are dedicated to maintaining your comfort at the highest levels possible.


Have You Noticed Mold in Your HVAC Unit?

If you suspect that you have mold in your home, do not try to remove it on your own as it may release spores and harmful toxins in the air. Instead, call our team to discuss the HVAC services that can clean and purify your San Antonio space.

Air Purification

We use specialized equipment to clear your air space of viruses, odors, bacteria and more with air purification services. We will clean and sanitize the air inside your home or business, making it safer and healthier for everyone to breathe and enjoy.

HVAC Cleaning

We address the core of your HVAC issues by cleaning your air vents, allowing your heat and AC to flow freely, and you to breathe easier. We clean and check everything from the coil, blower, drain lines, and ducts, making your space free of dust, dander, and harmful viruses such as Covid-19.

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Healthy Clean Air in Your Home, Business, and School is Important.

Air Purification

What is Indoor Air Quality?

IAQ refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. IAQ Experts has the tools, knowledge and experience to cool, clean, and sanitize the HVAC in your home or business in San Antonio.

Air Purification
We use specialized equipment to clean your home or business of pollutants and mold with air purification services. We will refresh your space, leaving everyone breathing easier.
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HVAC Cleaning
Our experts clean your air vents, allowing your heat and A/C to cool and warm your home or business. We clean and sanitize every element of your system, leaving your system to work efficiently longer.
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Our mission is to provide you with uncompromising professional services to keep any areas of living, playing, or working beautiful. We work around the clock, responding immediately to every single emergency call that comes through, making sure that each and every one of our customers are beyond satisfied. We are dedicated to serving you with passion, integrity, and synergy.

We provide a variety of HVAC services in San Antonio that can make your home or business more comfortable. Cleaning your heat and air systems can reduce allergies and clear toxins from the air. Our team can also replace, repair, and install a new HVAC unit, giving your home or business a refreshed feel. Contact our office now to discuss your home or business’s needs.


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Our Testimonials

Was suffering from excessive amounts of dust. Come to find out our system was filled with mold and dust. Shaun at IAQ and his crew got our system cleaned and intaking fresh air. The results were immediate and I can breathe properly without suffering from my Asthma! 10/10 could not recommend enough! READ MORE
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David S.
Good experience professional hard working crew. Took great care in protecting furniture and belongings. They also took care in cleaning up. READ MORE
Iaq Logo
Akshun J.
Recently I had the IAQ experts service my AC and clean the duct system throughout my home. They arrived on time as promised and provided me with superb service. Their service technicians were courteous, experienced and their service exceeded my expectations. My home has since been more cozy fresh and safe. My family and I... READ MORE
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Carmen A.
Great crew that cleaned the vents and air ducts. Very professional and friendly. Explained everything to me as each step was being completed. Working from home and the noise with the equipment made for a difficult day but they made every effort to let me know when the noise would increase. Fantastic service and crew!!! READ MORE
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Andres C.
Prompt, courteous and professional service. The team led by Spencer were polite, careful about the condition of my home, placing draped plastic cloths over the furniture, taped the kitchen from any particles and also placed coverings on the floor, and vacuumed all walkways. A thorough review of the completed job site. Only accepting complete satisfaction... READ MORE
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Lewis M.
I chose IAQ Cleaning Experts to help me get my home’s HVAC system ready for move in. Overall, the quality of service and professionalism were first rate. The team showed up on time and did an amazing job over a full day. They went above an beyond to ensure things were done correctly the first... READ MORE
Iaq Logo
Rodney A.
Spencer and Guillermo did a fantastic job cleaning my ac unit in the attic, dryer vent, air intakes/returns, and all of my ceiling vents. They took great care in covering up my furniture and artwork to avoid any dust and crud from getting on anything. What's even more impressive is they vacuumed the floors and... READ MORE
Iaq Logo
Susan L.
I recently had IAQ Experts come clean my ducts and I am pleasantly surprised with the difference it has made in my life. I used to wake up congested and barely able to breath and noticed a difference on the first night. They also installed a Reme-Halo air treatment system that leaves my home smelling... READ MORE
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Edward R.
Sean was exceedingly friendly and listened to all of our questions to help us figure out what was hurting our airflow. The IAQ techs were very respectful and professional, taking care to cover everything and put on protective shoe coverings before getting to work on my system. The air smells cleaner and we stopped getting... READ MORE
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Brandon D.
We had the pleasure of meeting with Shaun at IAQ Experts and his crew, Brandon, John & Spencer. If you're looking to breathe better and have fresh clean air in your home - I suggest you give them a call, you won't be disappointed. It has made a tremendous difference & truly life changing! These... READ MORE
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Sherry W.

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