In a climate like the one enjoyed by residents of central Texas, HVAC systems work hard year-round at keeping homes and businesses alike at a comfortable temperature. However, as your HVAC system ages, it tends to be less effective at regulating temperature and less energy efficient. Eventually, your only solution is to replace it entirely with a new model.

If you have reached that point with your HVAC system, assistance and guidance from experienced HVAC professionals can go a long way toward streamlining the replacement process and saving you time, money, and stress along the way. Working with IAQ Experts can make HVAC replacement in San Antonio much easier and lead to better results from your new system than by choosing, installing, and testing it on your own.

When to Replace Your HVAC System

Generally, modern HVAC systems are built to last between 10 and 20 years if used regularly. When your system is over ten years old, it is time to start looking into replacement options. Even if it still seems to be functioning well for now, it may be close to significantly degrading in performance or suddenly breaking down without warning, which could be expensive and inconvenient to solve as they happen.

More signs that you may need to replace your HVAC in San Antonio include:

  • Steadily rising utility bills despite no changes in your HVAC use
  • High humidity, odd odors, additional dust buildup, and other signs of dirty air inside your home or business
  • Uneven heating or cooling of certain rooms or areas in your home or business
  • Consistent needs for repairs and replacement parts

It is also worth noting that many older air conditioning and HVAC systems use a substance called R-22 refrigerant, which is illegal to produce in the U.S. When your system is dependent on this type of refrigerant, you may need to look into replacing it sooner rather than later.

Basic Steps in the HVAC Replacement Process

Replacing an HVAC system in San Antonio is almost always an in-depth and complex process since it will involve switching out many more components besides the central unit your system is built around. Depending on the circumstances, you may also need a skilled HVAC technician to check, modify, or replace electrical wiring, breakers, piping for refrigerant, condenser pads, and even the ductwork inside your ceiling and walls.

Professional help from IAQ Experts can also be vital in ensuring all these different parts are connected correctly and safely once the replacement is complete. Lastly, seasoned HVAC professionals can test your system thoroughly after installation to make sure the air is flowing properly, the thermostat is communicating with the system well, and refrigerant levels are adequate for the use you expect to get out of your system.

IAQ Experts Can Help With HVAC Replacement in San Antonio

Replacing the system that heats and cools your home or business is not something you should try to handle alone. Modern HVACs are technologically advanced systems with multiple interacting components. A fault in any of them could lead to inefficient operation or a dangerous short or fire.

Instead, let IAQ Experts take the lead in getting your old system removed and your new system put in place correctly. Call today to discuss your options for HVAC replacement in San Antonio.

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